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Welcome to the Northern California Cloggers Association, Inc. web site. This is your place for information on clogging in Northern California, Northern Nevada, and Southern Oregon.

Clogging, or clog dancing, is a lively, foot-stomping dance which originated in the Southern Appalachian Mountains. The settlers to those mountains brought their own steps and rhythms, which melded into what we now call clogging. Modern cloggers dance to all types of music. Clogging clubs meet regularly to learn new steps and dances. Teams may also perform precision routines or participate in clogging competitions.

The Northern California Cloggers Association was formed in March, 1982, to promote clogging and communication among all cloggers in Northern California and neighboring states. Membership is made up of teachers as well as dancers who love and support clogging. NCCA sponsors workshops and dances, seminars for instructors and clogging leaders, and also puts on an annual 3-day convention in the spring of each year. The Association's award-winning newsletter, the Clog-A-Gram, is published quarterly and includes the minutes of each quarterly membership meeting, cue sheets for clogging dances, articles on clogging, club news, information on clogging in other areas, useful hints, information on where to clog and upcoming events.

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Important Note for 2020

NCCA badly needs YOUR support. Please consider making a donation to help keep clogging alive in Northern California. Go here to donate and/or become a member. Thank you!


NCCA Corona-vention Fun Dance 2020 on June 26

In place of our annual 2-day clogging convention, NCCA will hold a "Corona-vention" fun dance with 9 cuers and 27 dances on June 26, 2020, at 6:00 pm. Tune in to the fun at NCCA's new YouTube channel.

You can also download the syllabus ahead of time here. Now you can review the dances and make sure you'll get that one step right this time!

By the way, NCCA has already secured the date and hotel for next year's convention in Sacramento on June 25-26, 2021. So save that date!

NCCA Convention Update

April 28, 2020
We are sad to inform everyone that the June 2020 NCCA Convention has been postponed until June 25-26, 2021. It will still be held at the Crown Plaza in Sacramento. Take care of yourselves in the meantime and we'll see you in 2021.

Clogging Online

April 28, 2020
There are more and more clogging instructors either teaching or just cueing dances online. Besides the WorldWide Clogging Fun Dance each Saturday evening (see message below), here are a few California instructors with regular videos. Let us know of others we can add to this list.

Lois Elling
One new easy-intermediate video available each Wednesday morning plus one new intermediate video available by Thursday morning. They include some workshop and some cued dances.

Sarah Dwight-Gilroy
Instructional videos from easy to advanced posted on Tuesdays, including all dances she has taught at past workshops.

Lelia and Russ Hunsaker
Instructional videos posted Monday nights and fun dances.

Important Message

March 28, 2020
Due to the governor's order for us all to stay home whenever possible, most, if not all, clogging events are canceled for the near future. This includes most classes. However, do NOT despair! Cloggers are lucky in that they can still enjoy clogging as many instructors are posting classes and dances online. Several are on Facebook; others are on YouTube. Until we get a list together we encourage all cloggers to search out these videos. Jeff Driggs and others have also started an every-Saturday clogging dance with different cuers from different locations. It's live at 5:00 pm PDT each Saturday. Join in on the fun by going to Doubletoe Times or

2019 National CLOG Convention in Las Vegas

Well over 40 cloggers from California (north and south) attended the National C.L.O.G. Convention in Las Vegas over Thanksgiving weekend. The convention had 15 featured instructors from the U.S. and Canada, as well as 16 more teachers in the open halls on Wednesday and Thursday. With four halls for workshops and seminars, there was more than enough going on to keep anyone busy and interested. Kudos to CLOG for a fun and fabulous event.

Convention 2020 will be in New Orleans (yay!) and in July instead of November. More information is available at the CLOG website here.

2019 NCCA Convention Fun with Andy

Dancers at the 36th annual convention in Sacramento (May 31 and June 1) had a fun time with featured guest instructor, Andy Howard from Georgia. He taught us lively and fun dances and even got most people to do a mixer. Many other instructors from Northern and Southern California, Oregon, Washington, Canada, and even Australia kept the dancers on their toes and busy for the two days. I heard nothing but happy and satisfied comments. Many thanks to all the committee members for putting on a fabulous weekend!

New resource on this site: Workshops & Dances

Check out the new page listing recent workshops and dances in and near Northern California here. At this time, no cue sheets are included, but there is a list of cue sheet resources at the bottom of the page.

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