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NCCA hosts a weekend convention each spring, held somewhere in Northern California. This is the biggest event of the year and is a chance for all cloggers to learn some new dances, experience the best teachers in the area and often a special guest instructor, obtain clogging supplies, watch some great performances, and just see old and new clogging friends. NCCA has been holding these conventions every year since 1984.

2024 NCCA 41st Annual Convention in May


The 2024 NCCA Convention was held May17 & 18 at the Mandarin's Event Center in Sacramento. Returning to our pre-pandemic format, there were workshops and a fun dance on Friday, plus more workshops, exhibitions, buffet dinner, and a fun dance on Saturday. Turnout was excellent and overall folks were happy with our new location.

If you weren't there, see what you missed on Friday and on Saturday.


2023 NCCA (mini) 40th Convention on June 10

We are continuing to rebound from changes made due to the pandemic. On June 10 we'll hold a one-day Convention, but will have two halls for workshops, then a fun dance early evening. Pre-registration is now closed, however you can register at the door. We hope to see you all there.
UPDATE: The convention was a blast. Read about it in the July issue of the Clog-A-Gram or see photos here.

2022 NCCA Mini-Convention in July

Yes, we are back! We will be having a one-day mini-convention with 8 instructors on July 23 in Orangevale, California. Get the flyer with all the info here, and you can register here. Please note that to attend you must pre-register and be vaccinated for Covid-19. Details are on the flyer.

2021 NCCA Convention is Virtual and Online

Don't miss the 2021 NCCA Convention on June 25 through June 27 online. There are both workshops and fun dances.

Here's a quick schedule of all events:

And here's the link to the syllabus with cue sheets, schedule of workshops, and fun dances:

Each video will be live at the scheduled time If you can't attend this weekend or are sad that you can watch more than one video at a time, don't fret. All the videos will continue to be available after this weekend. So take your time. You can even Learn. Every. Single. Dance. If you want to.

2020 Convention is Postponed to June 2021

We are sad to inform everyone that the June 2020 NCCA Convention has been postponed until June 25-26, 2021. It will still be held at the Crown Plaza in Sacramento. Take care of yourselves in the meantime and we'll see you in 2021.

2019 NCCA Convention with Guest Instructor Andy Howard

Dancers at the 36th annual convention in Sacramento (May 31 and June 1) had a fun time with featured guest instructor, Andy Howard from Georgia. He taught us lively and fun dances and even got most people to do a mixer. Many other instructors from Northern and Southern California, Oregon, Washington, Canada, and even Australia kept the dancers on their toes and busy for the two days. I heard nothing but happy and satisfied comments. Many thanks to all the committee members for putting on a fabulous weekend!

2018 NCCA Convention was The Barnyard Boogie!

Friday Workshop

What a great time everyone had at convention again this year. From the workshops, exhibition show, dancing, instructors, vendors, the convention facilities, and most of all, the wood floors to dance on, it was a great weekend. Above are some of the dancers on Friday night.

Oh boy! Pictures are now online here!

2017 Convention Full of Heroes and Villains
We all had a super villainous good time at the 2017 NCCA Convention at the Crowne Plaza in Sacramento. Check out photos here.

2016 NCCA Convention: Summer Splash was a huge splash!

Thanks to co-chairs Sarah Dwight-Gilroy and Heather Smith for heading up the committees and keeping everything on track for an awesome weekend of clogging with friends in June. The 33rd annual convention is now a happy memory. Check out some of the memories by seeing some photos here.

NCCA's 32nd Annual Convention for 2015 was a blast!
This year's theme was the Totally Awesome 80s. Thanks to chairs Kellee and Richard for organizing a great weekend. Check out some photos here.
Here are our president, Michele Hill, and convention co-chairs, Kellee Ramirez and Richard Willyard, addressing the crowd on Saturday night before the grand exhibition show.

NCCA’s 31st Convention
Dancers had a fun time at NCCA's 31st annual convention on April 25-27, 2014 in Modesto. Thanks to chairmen Kellee and Richard and their crew for putting on a fantastic weekend. This year's convention was a bit different in that there were a TON of oldies but goodies taught, many done in a rapid fire style to fit several dances into one hour. Believe it or not, there were a total of 53 dances taught from Friday night through Sunday morning! Check out the photos here.

The 2013 NCCA Convention was our 30th Anniversary Party!
30 years of clogging conventions in Northern California -- WOW! We had quite a party to celebrate, thanks to chairmen Richard Willyard and Kellee Ramirez. Several teachers were honored with service milestones, most notably the three instructors who have taught at all 30 conventions: Lois Elling, Janice Hanzel, and Michelle John-Smith.
Teacher Milestone Awards at NCCA Convention
Back row: Richard Willyard, Althea Mason, Lois Elling, Pat Gosch, Janice Hanzel, Linda Brown, Michele Millier Hill, Mike McDow
Front row: Michelle John-Smith, Carol Smith, Kellee Ramirez

Morgan Hudson was our featured instructor and the dancers loved him! Morgan made our convention memorable with his dances, fun, charm, and amazing dancing. Thanks Morgan! We hope you can return to California soon.
Morgan Hudson doing his best Gangnam Style pose!

To see more pictures, visit Lois' online SmugMug gallery.

Gotta Clog!
The 2012 Convention at the DoubleTree Hotel in Modesto on March 30, 31, and April 1st was a blast! Thanks to Carolyn Poe and her crew for putting on a wonderful weekend. From Friday night through Sunday afternoon, cloggers enjoyed dancing, learning new dances and styles, shopping, watching some awesome exhibitions, and meeting with friends. Photos to come, so keep checking back.

Check out the photos from the 2012 convention. Here's a sample:

NCCA 2011 Convention was a rousing success!

The 2011 NCCA Convention (our 28th - wow!) is now history. Russ and Leila Hunsaker made the convention memorable with their interesting dances and those little extras that are always fun. This year's convention was at the Clarion Inn in Modesto on Feb. 11-13, 2011. Watch this space for photos from the convention.

The 2010 NCCA Convention Spectacular was quite an event. Barry Welch was in charge this year and there were 4 halls, 52 workshops, 32 instructors, a dinner show, hip hop, tap, line dance, and midnight workshops, plus more! Check out some photos here.

2009 CONVENTION - Recycle!

YAY! We had a great time at this year's convention.
See the photos here.

Program Schedules:
Friday Dance
/ Saturday Workshop / Saturday Dance / Sunday Workshop

We're already planning our 2010 convention to be held in Fresno. Watch for more information.

2008 CONVENTION - Hurray for Cloggerwood!

Guest Starring Jeff Driggs from West Virginia.

See photos from this convention.

What an awesome time everyone had at the 2008 Convention in Modesto, CA on April 11-13, 2008. This was our 25th Convention, so it was a very special a party! Jeff Driggs returned to California for this very special convention.

2007 CONVENTION - Cloggin' and Cruisin'


This year's convention is now just a sweet memory! We had a blast sailing away for a "Cloggin' and Cruisin' Convention."

Check out some pictures from covention here. If you were there, you might appear in some of these.

Some of the highlights from this year's convention:

  • Live spot on channel CW13's "Good Day Sacramento" television show with Alan, the slightly paid intern, clogging with us.
  • An awesome Ship Talent Show (exhibition show) on Saturday evening.
  • 29 different clogging dances taught on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Not one, but TWO fun after parties.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who helped to make this year's convention a success:

  • All the instructors who taught
  • NCCA board members
  • All the Committee Heads
  • All the dancers who came and supported it
  • The teams and duets who performed at the show Saturday night
  • And all you volunteers who helped out in so many ways.

    Thank you!


We had a great weekend at NCCA's 2006 Convention. A good time was had by all!! This year's theme was Hawaii and all things tropical. Kellee Hanzel and Richard Willyard were the co-chairs for the convention. Below is a picture of all the teachers and committee heads. (Thanks to Cindy Saunders for this photo.)

Check out more photographs - there are lots of them!
Friday pictures - Saturday workshop - Exhibition Show - Saturday night & Sunday pictures.


The 2005 Convention is history. Everyone had a great time whether learning new dances, buying clogging supplies, watching the always stupendous exhibition show, or just meeting with new and old friends. Thanks to this year’s chairman, Carol Smith, and her committee for a great dance in Grass Valley.

See some pictures from the 2005 Convention.

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