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Recent Workshops and Dances - 2018

This is a new feature of the NCCA website -- a listing of recent workshops and the dances taught at them.

This list includes clogging workshops in and near Northern California. The choreographer is noted in parentheses. We are happy to add the dances from other workshops in the west or the National CLOG Convention. Contact the webmaster for more information. At this time we are not adding cue sheets online. However, there are cue sheet resources listed at the bottom of this page and you may contact Lois if you need a particular cue sheet.
January 13, Doug Chin Clogging Classic, Orangevale, CA
Back It Up (C.Smith)    Easy-Int+
Billion (Dwight-Gilroy)    Adv
Life is a Highway (John-Smith) classic    Easy-Int
Mi Gente (Enriquez)    Int
Roads We’ve Never Taken (Elling)    Int
That Love (Hill)    Easy-Int+
You Broke Up With Me (Ramirez)    Int+

February 10, Floor Fundraiser, Cotati, CA
America (C.Smith)    Int
Country Girl (John-Smith)    Easy-Int
Dance (Ramirez)    Adv
I Love Me (Hill)    Easy-Int
I’m Gonna Be a Wheel (Elling)    Easy-Int
Kentucky Dirty (Enriquez)    Int
Love at First Sight (Hill)    Easy-Int
One Black Sheep (Dwight-Gilroy)    Int

February 16-17, ClogDown, Hazel Dell, WA
How Long (Fleetwood-Pyle)    Int+
Lightning (McDow)    Int
Like We Were Kids Again (McDow)    Easy-Int
Lone Digger (Harding) ClogDown dance    Int
No Roots (Harding)    Int
She’s With Me (Bice)    Easy-Int
Stressed Out (Bice)    Adv
You Broke Up With Me (Bice)    Int

March 10, March Madness, Danville, CA
Cowboy Cumbia (Bartes)    Adv
Hey Soul Sister (Pearson)    Easy-Int
Hola (Enriquez)    Int
Liquid Lunch (Tripp)    Easy-Int
Love Someone Like Me (McDow)    Easy-Int
Tell Me Ma (Dwight-Gilroy)    Int
Tennpenny Bit / Rakes of Kildare (C.Smith)    Easy-Int
Texas Ride Song (Hill)    Int

April 27-28, NCCA Convention, Sacramento, CA
Bella Belle (Perry)    Adv
Caught Up in You (Gasteiger, Spence)    Int+
Dirt on My Boots (Dart)    Easy-Int
Empires (Guenette)    Easy-Int
Everywhere I Go (O’Donley)    Easy-Int
Fisher’s Hornpipe (Mitchell)    Int
Fred Astaire (Elling)    Int
Girl Like You, A (John-Smith)    Easy-Int
Grey Goose Chase (Gasteiger)    Int
Havana (Hill)    Adv
It’s a Good Feeling (Hanzel)    Easy-Int
Keep It Lit (Thomas)    Int
Killer Queen (C.Smith)    Int
Like We Were Kids Again (McDow)    Easy-Int
No Excuses (Ramirez)    Easy-Int
No Roots (Harding)    Int
Old MacDonald (Woodall)    Int
One Foot (Dwight-Gilroy)    Adv
Roadhouse (Driggs, Pflugh)    Int
Say Amen (Enriquez)    Adv
Shake It Off (C.Smith)    Easty-Int
Spirit in the Sky (Nodelman)    Int
Trip Around the Sun (John-Smith)    Int

July 21, Blossom Hill Festival, Castro Valley, CA
Bowling Green (Hanzel)    Int
Come Shine a Light on Me (Elling)    Easy-Int
Hold Your Horses (Bilz & Barrett)    Int
Louie’s Return (C.Smith)    Int
Mama Say (Enriquez)    Adv
Nothing Better (Dwight-Gilroy)    Int

August 24-26, SCCA SoCal Shindig, La Mirada, CA
Around the Bend (Harry)    Adv
Azukita (Habash)    Int
Bare Necessitites, The (Harry)    Adv
Billion (Dwight-Gilroy)    Adv
Cheap Thrills (Popiel)    Int
Do Something Crazy (Eisele)    Int+
Drinkin’ Dark Whiskey (Hunsaker)    Int
Faith (Pchajek)    Adv
Fred Astaire (Elling)    Int
Hands of Time (Harding)    Easy-Int
Havana (Bice)    Adv
HOB (Eisele)    Easy-Int
Hold Your Horses (Bilz, Barrett)    Easy-Int
I Like Me Better (Dwight-Gilroy)    Easy-Int
If You Ever Stop Loving Me (Habash)    Adv
Love Train (Bon)    Adv
Mary (Popiel)    Int
Move (Hunsaker)    Int
Na Na Na (Harry, Pchajek, Bice)    Int
NLYTM (Not Like You Told Me) (Hunsaker)    Adv
No Excuses (Ramirez)    Easy-Int
Pompoury (Stevens)    Easy-Int+
Posin’ (Harding)    Easy-Int
Saxophones (Rowan)    Int+
She’s With Me (Bice)    Easy-Int
Tell the World (Hunsaker)    Easy-Int
Tip Toe (Enriquez)    Adv
Thunder (Harding)    Int+
You Look Like a Love Song (Rowan)    Easy-Int+
September 15, Jamboree, Nevada City, CA
Black & White (Welch)    Int
Delicate (Dwight-Gilroy)    Into Adv
Good Intent (Welch)    [Int] EI+
I Won’t Let You Down (Elling)    EI
Posin’ (Harding)    EI
Pound the Alarm (Enriquez)    Int
Shut Up and Fish (Thomas)    EI
Simple (Hill)    Adv
That’s My Kind of Night (C.Smith)    Int
Thunder (Harding)    I+

Late Harvest Stomp, Santa Rosa, Oct. 27

Down to the Honkytonk (Ramirez)    Int+
Hello Mary Lou (Hanzel)    Easy-Int
Let’s Talk Dirty in Hawaiian (McDow)    Easy-Int
Soggy Bottom Summers (Elling)    Int
Tip Toe (Enriquez)    Adv
Top Down (C.Smith)    Int
The Way I Am (John-Smith)    Easy-Int
What Lovers Do (Dwight-Gilroy)    Int
Youngblood (Hill)    Easy-Int

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