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NCCA Teachers’ Forum

The Teachers' Forum part of NCCA is a loose-knit group of clogging teachers and those interested in any aspect of teaching or cueing. The attitude of clogging teachers in this area has always been one of sharing for everyone's benefit. More experienced teachers are happy to help those who are new to teaching.

Each issue of the Clog-A-Gram includes a section geared towards teachers and leaders. This is the Teachers' Forum Notes. Check out a sample of a recent issue. The Teachers' Forum Notes are included at no extra charge to all members.

The Teachers' Forum also meets once or twice a year to discuss issues concerning teachers or hold seminars for new and experienced teachers. All topics of interest can be covered.

Contact Lois Elling if you're interested in the next Teachers' Forum meetings.

Meeting on April 30, 2016

Ten clogging instructors met on April 30th of this year for some extremely informative discussions. Several instructors gave mini-presentations on Teaching Beginners (Lois), Tap vs. Clogging (Sarah), Writing Dances (Richard), Performing (Ian), Adapting Classes for Seniors and Others (Janice), and Teaching Out of State (Michele). After a short lunch break, we continued with discussions on additional topics such as: beginner dances, teacher and dancer etiquette, teaching advanced steps, club management and insurance, tips for newer instructor/cuers, wireless mics, and more. Everyone came away with loads of new information. Thanks to the following for coming and contributing to the meeting: Lois Elling, Carol Smith, Sarah Dwight-Gilroy, Heather Smith, Janice Hanzel, Richard Willyard, Deann Norris, Kellee Ramirez, Ian Enriquez, and Alli Zamora.

Meeting on May 11, 2013
Thanks to all the dancers and teachers who attended the spring 2013 Teachers' Forum meeting in San Leandro. A lot of good information was shared and learned. For a summary of the meeting, see the July, 2013 issue of the NCCA Clog-A-Gram.

Meeting on Jan. 8, 2011
Several teachers and dancers attended the Teachers’ Forum meeting at Barrett Community Center in Belmont. We covered many topics and a summary of the meeting and discussions is in the Februrary issue of the Clog-A-Gram.

Meeting - Jan. 2010

The last Teachers’ Forum meeting was Jan. 23, 2010 at Barrett Community Center, in Belmont, CA before the Blossom Hill Cloggers Winter Dance. There was a terrific turnout at this meeting and we had some great discussions. See the February, 2010 issue of the Clog-A-Gram for a summary of the meeting.

Meeting in 2008

Several teachers met in San Leandro on July 26 and had a very productive and informative meeting. Everyone came away with some new ideas and everyone contributed. Some of the topics we covered were:

  • Advertising a class
  • Adjusting your teaching style to fit the dancers
  • Clogging suppliers and vendors
  • Teaching and cueing styles in other areas
  • What not to do when teaching at an open workshop
  • Digitizing music
  • Getting dancers interested in becoming teachers
  • Attracting new dancers
  • Northern California Dance List
  • What makes a good clogging dance
  • Equipment and systems used

June, 2004 Seminar

In June, 2004, we held a day-long seminar that included presentations and discussions on the following topics:

  1. Fundamentals of Music and Clogging Steps
  2. Basics of Teaching
  3. Teaching Beginners
  4. Teaching at a Club or On-going Class
  5. Teaching Seniors
  6. Sound Equipment & Media Introduction
  7. Cueing

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